Athena - Kick Athena off Olympus!

Planning Notes:



Very Wise
Always plan for something
Need wisdom on Mt. Olympus
great strategies

Too competitive and brags a lot
when angry or jealous she punishes (Arachne)
very sly and tricky


Pro Commercial

1st citizen- Wow! Its so great that we won the Trojan war!

2nd citizen- Yes its excellent and we couldn't have done it without our beautiful and wise goddess Athena, she has such great war strategies
and wisdom, what would we do without her on Mt. Olympus!

1st citizen- I definitely agree! Plus she is very competitive, smart and creative! Also, without Athena we would loose all of our wars, because she has some of the best war strategies.

1st and 2nd citizen- Athena should definitely stay on Olympus!

1st and 2nd citizen- You can count on our votes.

Athena- this message was approved by your caring goddess Athena....... Vote for me to stay on Mt. Olympus


Con Commercial
Arachne- I am the best weaver in his village, I could beat anyone in a weaving contest any day! Even Athena!

Athena- would you like to prove that! Let's have a weaving contest!

villager- don't do it, Arachne, she is a goddess, she will trick you!

Arachne- I can beat her don't worry.

weaving contest goes on........
Athena, beats Arachne and turns her into a spider......

villager 2- Wow it's amazing! How could anyone do that! The whole world is filled with colors, brilliant colors!

villager- Arachne, I knew something would happen!

Arachne- Athena is sneaky, sly and she is competitive. She got to jealous and angry, because I am a great weaver, and she punished me, i used to be a pretty girl but now im a ugly spider Kick Athena off Mt. Olympus!