Hera - Can you really trust her?

Planning Notes:


-She was beautiful.
-She was queen of the gods .It gave her a lot of power.
-hera is immortal
-She is jealous of Zeus. She is jealous of Aphrodite.
-She wasn't friendly.
gave many punishments,like Echo
- She was suspicious
- She kicked hephaestus off olympus
She hates other people's children
she married her brother, Zeus
queen of intruders
Narrative- Hera, queen of the gods.The most
powerful of all the goddesses. Hera- Just think of me
as a mother. I just want the best for everybody. I
know i have done some bad things on the past

Con narrative: Hera ( and then all the scenes that she
had done bad) Can you trust her? She cant trust you. Do you want to worship that kind of a god. Vote Hera off olympus.

Nice start. Don't admit to bad things in the past. Use that in the negative said by someone else and be specific. Mrs. Lipman