Poseidon - He could wreck Mt. Olympus!

Planning Notes:


Poseidon cons

mean sometimes obnoxious
he wrecks ships and causes earthquakes and floods
if any mishap happens in the sea he gets blamed
he creates monsters children
he sometimes kills people in the ocean
he gets angry easily
he violates women
he cheats on his wife
he can be mean
he has a bad temper
he argues with other gods

Poseidon pros

he is the sea king
he has many sea powers
he can talks to animals
he made horses
he can be calm and kind
he has a trident
he controls the sea
he has a trident
he fights evil sea monsters
he is gentle to sea animals
he has a cool beard
he is an all powerful god
he is the god of all the nice things in the ocean
he can help heroes cross the seas
trident gum is good
he has all the privileges of the gods

Poseidon is mean and sometimes obnoxious. He gets angry easily and violates women. Poseidon cheats on his wife and argues with other gods. He has a bad temper.if Poseidon makes a bad god of the sea and should not be god of the sea. He can kill you easily. Poseidon has too much power that cant be controlled . every shipwreck was caused by him. Every single thing bad in the ocean was his fault. if you throw him off Mt. olympus he will make the earth shake and the seas go wild.
Narrator: either J E or J
Poseidon is the King of the Sea, he can be kind and calm and can control the seas. He should definitely stay on Olympus because he is such an important god. Poseidon is a good god, he made horses, and talks to animals and he could help heroes cross the seas He is way too powerful a god to be thrown off Olympus and he definitely deserves to stay. If he was than he would cause huge tidal waves and earthquakes would shake the ground to pieces. He is too powerful a god to be tossed off he would destroy so much if he was. Also he fights evil sea monsters that are very dangerous.

J1-narrator 1 E-narrator 2 J3-narrator 3

J1-poseidon is the king of the sea, he should not be kicked off Mt. olympus

J3- poseidon has too much power to be thrown off mount olympus he could cause a giant water spout

J3- If he gets kicked off Mt. olympus he will cause massive destruction. like an earthquake that could shake mt. olympus apart NO MORE FISHIES!

E- He is the king of the sea and Zeus's brother, Poseidon is the god of the sea and created horses. he is too powerful a god to be kicked out.

J1- he is in charge of all the fish and sea animals and can harness the waves he also can calm the waves.

E- If he gets angry he can cause huge tsunamis