Aphrodite - Can the world go on without her?

why would anyone want to know about Aphrodite?

Planning Notes:


makes people fall in love
Goddess of Love
helped Echo get revenge on Narcissus
Married to black smith of Mt. Olympus
love is important
world doesn't go on with out love
Decrease in population
no new generation
makes people jealous
plants don't grow
a lot of songs are about love
Son is Eros (cupid)-helps world go
Takes advantage of smith husband
Memorises mortals easily
gets jealous really easily
makes people jealous
Mrs. L
Pros Commercial Script: Aphrodite: The world needs love. Life isn't worth living without love. 1 Narrator: Plants don't grow (plants dieing), fish don't swim (becoming weaker) and birds don't fly (falling out of the sky) without love.

2 Narrator: Aphrodite... can the world go on without her?

Cons Commercial Script: 1 Narrator: Aphrodite.... flipping her hair in the wind, obsessing over her beauty, doing nothing all day she is the least needed god on Mount Olympus. 2 Narrator: Go away Aphrodite.

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