Everybody LOVES Apollo!

I'm in forth grade in mrs.connolys class GUESS WHO

Planning Notes:


he brings music
god of the sun... drives the sun
music and sun make people happy
good archer
brother of Artemis
son of Zeus
he brings music to everyone
The sun keeps people alive with its warmth
Sun causes skin cancer
Has many affairs
A lot of children
Any god can drive the sun
Many humans and gods can play as good music
Stole the idea of the lyre from hermes
jealous of people who can play as good as him
Not that important
Bad tempered when something he doesn't like happens
S: Ba Da DAH DAH!!S: Apollo, Apollo everybody loves Apollo!!! N:Ask your self where would you be without the sun?
A:We would be in another iceage without my wonderful sun and of course without the sun driver
A: I'm the brother of Artemis, the son of Zeus think what would happen if I weren't on Olympus?A: I make music and as stated in the famous story of Orpheus, music makes the world go roundS: Apollo, Apollo everybody loves Apollo!!! A: Without the sun, that's right, your crops will not grow!N: and you can freeze to deathA: Exactly! Not just anyone can drive the sun.... You have to be strong enough to control the sun and brave enough to even dare to tryS: He brings us sun and music and fun and he's the right god for you!A: Stick with me!N: (in really deep voice) OR STICK TO ANOTHER ICEAGE A: I am Apollo sun god, and i approve this messageDUN DUN DAH!!!!!!! Good job! Mrs. L

N: is apollo really as good as he claims to be?
N: Any god can drive the sun....
N: Jealousy? Jealousy, Apollo is jealous
A: I let my son drive the sun chariot and he burned the earth, created deserts, froze the poles. im so proud of him!
N:Would the other gods be so irresponsible to do that

N : Do you know him?N: Do you want skin cancer? Apollo's sun causes itN: Jealousy? Jealousy, Apollo is jealousN: not to mention he kills whoever he is jealous of.N: Thats right Apollo is a KILLLER! we should exile him from Olympus and never let him backZ: This message is Zeus approved!.