Planning Notes

Mrs. L
Helped humans so they could not famish, and made rich harvest, she was very generous, she gave man kind the gift of harvest and cultivation of soil, she was responsible for the fertility of the land, she makes spring come, she invented cereal we would starve without her. The only goddess who were kind and did not give revenge, was really wise
Made everything die when her daughter was captured
Made winter happen every year
she worries to much every single year
she lives in depresion for half the year
she doens't take quick action
turned a man into a lizard


Narra: Demeter is the one you can trust! She provides us with delicious food, rich havests, and fertility. Thanks Demeter for the Thanksgiving food on our plates.
Narr: Not only does Demeter gives us food, but she is one of the kindest goddess you will ever meet.
"Thanksgiving is coming! Think about someone who makes great meal Thanksgiving happen"
She's the one who fills our tummies all day with wonderful food. ORRR Narra: When you wake up every morning don't you feel happy about yummy cereal in your breakfast bowl? Thank Demeter for the food on our plates and in our gardens. She's the one who fills our tummies all day with wonderful food. So thank the nice wise goddess Demeter!
Persephone: I am proud of my mother
Hades:I hope I can go to earth and have good food every day.
Hdes/persephone: they're GREAT! (eating cereal)
everyone: If you want organic food, vote for Demeter

Demeter-abbie: I am Demeter and I approve this message. Go get it Steve!!


Mortal: Why aren't my crops growing? What am I doing wrong?
Hades: Don't blame yourself. Blame Demeter. She made your crops die last winter. She lives in depression and loneliness for six months a year and I get blamed . She worries too much!!! Her daughter was foolish and I keep her here in Hades because she ate the seeds of a Pomagranate. Demeter never takes quick action when needed. I think we should kick her off Olympus into the river stxy and never let her back on Olympus.
Pers: " I told her to be happy and to enjoy life while we are together, but she wouldn't listen."
Narra: From the wailing of the citizens on earth Demeter has not done a good job Blame her for all the people who die in winter's snowstorms and of starvation. Narra,Hades&Pers: She shouldn't be on Olympus! Stop the madness, end the winter, kick her off Olympus! Hades&Per: We are the rulers of the Underworld and approve this message. ORRR

Motal: Why Aren't my crops growing?!! I work so hard to get plants but none are coming!
Narr: Don't blame yourself that there isn't any food growing, blame Demeter! She gives us cold hard winters every single year. She lives in loneliness for six months! Six months you are left hungry and cold. Can you really trust her? Hades: Do you want another year of winter? persephone: Do you want a another year of starvation? Hades: No! Kick her off of Olympus and stop the winter forever! Persphone:Stop the freezing weather! Hades: I am Hades and approve this message. It's time for Persephone to come back to underground !