Hephaestus - A vote for Hephaestus is a vote for happy life!

Planning Notes:



Eddie's side- Hera treated Hephaestus horrible and threw him off a mountain but that wont stop him from being a great choice.
1. A girl throws him off a mountain.2.People r yellin at him and he doesnt do anything.3. He is on an anvil makin stuff.


Eddie- Hera threw Hephatstus off Mt. Olympus and he was so strong that he survived
Casey- Hephaestus can stay calm and
is a completely fair leader
Adelina- He's so amazing; he can make jewels out of pebbles
E-The world couldn't last without his brilliant weapons
C- The tools that he creates prevent the world from falling into disaster

E- He belongs on Mount Olympus
C- A vote for Hepaestus is a vote for a happy life

C- why do we really need Hephaestus??
A- he can't even walk because he's a cripple
E- all he does is sit in his chair all day
C- he's so ugly no one can even look at him
A- he doesn't even spend his time on Mount Olympus
E- what does making jewelry have to do with making our decisions? Good