Hermes - Better Olympus, Better Planet!

Planning Notes:


Mrs. L

Can fly with winged shoes and hat
Messenger of Zeus
Made lyre

Stole from Apollo
God of Theives, gamblers

Good Commercials
Bad Commercials
Do you get your mail late?
Do you want your mail faster?
Then keep Hermes on Mount Olympus.
He can fly swiftly and get your mail to you fast.
Vote for Hermes for better postal service and a better Mt. Olympus.
Better Olympus, better planet, vote Hermes.
Paid for by Hermes

Do you have a gambling problem?
Have you been
the victim of a mugging?
Do you LIE?
Blame Hermes.
He tempts you to steal.
He is a thief.
All he does is get you in trouble.
Is that the kind of God you want on Mt. Olympus.
Kick Hermes off Mt.Olympus.