Zeus - You have trusted me for thousands of years!

Project Notes:



King of gods
Has most power
Helps the world
Control of mount olympus
has done many good deeds
Gave man life

Has many affairs
Kills people for no reason
Has too many children
Only cares about himself
Give no one any privacy
Taking power away from other gods
has too much power
Not trustworthy

Mrs. L
Z: You have trusted me for thousands of years, I deserve to stay on Mount Olympus, I have never failed you.

Artemis & Apollo: Without Zeus you wouldn't have us, without us the sun wouldn't shine, your crops wouldn't grow and you wouldn't have a moon.

Z: I've given life to many great gods

Gods: Woo ! Go zeus! Yeah you're the bomb! Woohoo! ZEUS! ZEUS! ZEUS!

Z: That's right, i'm the man, I run this place!

Z: I am Zeus and I approve this message. Good job!


Hera: Why should we trust Zeus? He's been responsible for many deaths. He only cares about himself. He is not trustworthy.

Gods: He has too much power! He could destroy us all! WE ALL WANT HIM

Artemis: He has way too many affairs.

Hera: He has been on mount olympus too long

Gods: lets get him!!!!

Zeus: Whoah, whoah, whoah! You only hate me because i have more power than everyone!

Hera: Exactly! We should all have the same amount of power!
Gods: Now get out! *the gods chase after Zeus as he runs away.*

Hera: I am Hera and I approve this message.